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The Colombia Vision Foundation has more than 10 years of experience in implementing programs with the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF) for the care of boys, girls and adolescents through programs such as the Reestablishment of Rights in Foster Homes and Institutions, Half-Way Homes, and Intervention for Adolescents Under Penal Custody, among others, while remaining committed to the priority of ultimately returning the child or adolescent to their original home provided that the family is capable of guaranteeing their rights. However, if the child does not have a family and he or she has been declared adoptable, then the child suffers a double sense of abandonment and it would be best for his or her future to grow up in an institution.


The fundamental need and wish of each child who has been deemed adoptable is in having a FAMILY FOREVER. As such, it is necessary to take actions in order to raise awareness and advocate for these children/adolescents who have not been adopted, with the hope of ensuring their fundamental right for having a family who can help them heal the emotional wounds of abandonment, give them a family identity, and nurture their growth and development while helping them to achieve their life goals.

Since the year 2012, the Foundation has participated in the Search for Affective Connections programs along with the ICBF Valle Regional Office by finding mentors, sponsors, and foster persons or families. Then it established agreements with international organizations such as Embraced By Grace and the Sub-division of adoptions at the ICBF in order to execute the Vacations Abroad Programs for children and adolescents. In 2013, and 2014 seven and five children/adolescents traveled to the United States. In 2015, the ICBF approved trips for fifteen children/adolescents in order to continue providing more children/adolescents with the opportunity to reestablish their right to have a family by meeting other homes abroad that could ultimately become their permanent homes through adoption.

Director - Founder
Colombia Vision Foundation


In 2020, Colombia Vision became an NGO recognized internationally and as a leader in Colombia for programs that aim to benefit our population so that each adoptable boy, girl and adolescent with special needs and virtues can attain at the very least a permanent caring relationship and reach their life goals with the hope of love and commitment.

Develop and advance the initiatives that connect institutionalized children and adolescents with forever families thereby creating sustainable caring relationships that strengthen and protect their life with love and purpose.

Which are the Boys, Girls and Adolescents Deemed Adoptable with the Following Special Needs and Characteristics?:

Boys, girls and adolescents deemed adoptable (who have not been adopted) with the following special needs and characteristics:*
- From 12 years of age.
- Any age with an illness or mild physical or mental disability.
- Sibling groups with at least one child older than 12 years old (12 years of age or older).

(* ICBF Technical Guidelines for Adoption Programs, resolution 3748 dated September 6, 2010).

• Increase the opportunities so that the boys, girls and adolescents with a declaration of adoptability and with special needs and characteristics can attain permanent affective sponsors who will contribute towards improving their emotional, physical, educational and social well-being.
• Facilitate opportunities for safe interactions for the children and adolescents that foster the development of healthy relationships.
• Expand the social network of the children with special needs and characteristics that facilitate and enhance initiatives that support their life goals.
• Prepare the families to manage the social experiences of the boys, girls and adolescents in cases of adoption.

(* ICBF Technical Guidelines for Finding an Affective Patron, resolution 4920 of 2011).

1. Integrity.
2. Love of neighbor.
3. Cooperation.
4. Excellence.
5. Management.
6. Volunteerism.
7. Resilience.

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