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I need you to achieve my life goals!How does the mentor program work?
This program, endorsed by the ICBF, identifies children and adolescents older than 10 years of age from the institutions of protection who, for various reasons, do not have a family support system but who can have at least one significant person or a family that will foster a permanent and affectionate relationship as a vital component of their life goals. Thus, by expanding the social network of the child, this mentor or sponsoring family becomes the benchmark for love, discipline, guidance and emotional and academic support which strengthens the child's ability to adapt and learn how to interact in a family setting.


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In Colombia, we have more than 11,000 children who are institutionalized and without families and who need a bond with at least one significant person in their life to feel valued and inspired to attain their life goals. While ICBF and the institution can provide for their physical needs, this care does not guarantee their future as contributing members of society.

If you want to participate as a sponsor, please provide the name of your city and district in order to locate the institution nearest to your area that participates in the sponsor-mentor program. Or simply Contact us via:


Cellphone.: +57 311 868 3365

Requirements for participating as a Sponsor or Mentor:
- Married or living together man and women; emotionally stable.
- Singles persons older than 25 years of age; emotionally stable with a strong social and family network.
- No criminal record or history of domestic violence or drug abuse.
- Ability to spend time with the child at least once a week and ability to maintain the schedule over a long period of time.
- Interested in and able to develop a healthy relationship.
- Respect the rules and regulations of the institution and foster homes.
  Expectations of the Mentor or Sponsoring Family:

- Serve as a role model.
- Teach skills for life.
- Build a caring relationship.
- Serve as a compassionate leader and provide emotional and academic support.
- Include the child in their family.
- Strengthen the child’s ability to adapt.
- Help the child interact within the family unit.
- Serve as a mentor for love, discipline, guidance and support.
- Enhance the social network for the child.
Benefits for the child and adolescent:

- Offer emotional support.
- Give and receive affection and respect.
- Enhance the child’s social network.
- Make the child feel as if he/she is a part of the family.
- Allow them to interact with individuals outside the institution.
- Help them develop other habits and skills.
- Provide support in their education.
  In participating in this program, the sponsor or mentoring family must make a commitment to:
- Guarantee the protective rights of the child.
- Become educated to learn about the child’s culture and history.
- Support the instruction and adjustment of the child in sharing a living space.
- Foster the adaptation and integration of the child by being part of the family.
- Promote the program.
- Encourage others to participate.
- Learn about the necessities of the children under protection and participate in events that benefit them.
- Abide by the conditions and requirements of the program such as follow-up initiatives by ICBF among others.
- Ensure that the child is always with a responsible adult during their stay in the home.

Plegable Padrinos
Help find individuals and families who can serve as sponsors for needy boys, girls and adolescent. Share your experience and volunteer or help to spread the information.

Soon you can download from this page a brochure, presentations and registration forms.


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