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Soy un menor, ¿Por qué abusas de mi? o ¿Por qué me maltratas?, Quiero disfrutar una vida nueva !!PREVENTION:

Although it is better to prevent than to regret, we continue to focus much of our efforts on treatment and strategies for coping and overcoming problems such as sexual, drug and/or alcohol abuse; but despite our great accomplishments, every victim is left with scares that will mark them for life.

We make every attempt to avoid the onset of this reality by acting before any of these problems can affect our boys, girls or adolescents.  For this reason, we have worked along with national prevention networks for several years now, launching awareness and advertisement campaigns and working directly with the children and the community.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Boys, Girls and Adolescents (ESCNNA in Spanish):
The actual number of victims of commercial sexual exploitation in Colombia is unknown.  Recent studies have found between 40 and 150 child victims of this outrageous violation in some municipalities and districts with less than 10,000 habitants.  This data does not reflect unreported cases which may dramatically increase the number of victims.
Logo de la Red Nacional Contra la ESCNNA.Supporting and serving as part of the “Network for ESCNNA Prevention in Cartago”, Colombia Vision is working to prevent and eliminate this social shame by putting together workshops and community programs, creating promotional awareness materials and providing protection services as well as comprehensive care for at-risk girls and adolescents from Home Angeles.  Prevention workshops for the girls and their families are also provided.

Use and Abuse of Psychoactive Substances (SPA):
Preoccupied with solving the most imminent problems, our efforts have focused from the very beginning on addressing the drug addiction by utilizing support networks and securing resources for treatment and rehabilitation.  In contrast, the prospect appears bleak when it comes to prevention.  Although prevention is unanimously considered one of the most important strategies in winning the war against drugs, it has not translated well into an effective investment of efforts that puts its application into practice with rigor and consistency.Niña del hogar "Ángeles" en taller de prevención.

Considering that in many cases, the consumption of these substances in boys, girls and adolescents goes hand in hand with commercial sexual exploitation, Colombia Vision has joined other foundations from the Network for ESCNNA Prevention in Cartago” to organize workshops and community prevention programs, and create press bulletins and public awareness announcements for the media. It also carries out preventive activities with the girls and adolescents from Home for Protection Angeles and their families or loved ones.

Alcohol Usage:
Play about alcohol usage during the prevention campaign for the community.
People with a family history of alcoholism are more likely to start drinking before the age of sixteen.  However, any person who starts drinking during their adolescence years has an increased risk of becoming an alcoholic.  Cultural influences in Colombia further complicate and exacerbate this risk for male adolescents who may experience peer pressures to drink with the underlying message that drinking is socially acceptable and the means to transition from boyhood to manhood.  

Giving our concern and awareness that drinking at an early age increases the risk for drug abuse, we have worked with partner institutions to create and execute alcohol use-and-abuse awareness campaigns, workshops and community programs.


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To view some of the promotional material about ESCNNA, click on any of the following images:


Here you can watch a short film clip “Coming Out of the Dark” about sexual exploitation:

The film is by Daniel Ariza, and produced by Universidad de Caldas, El Paso Productions and the ESCNNA Prevention Network in Cartago.

We See but We Dont See:  This brochure informs the community on how to report cases where ESCNNA is suspected, while not being named as accomplices to the crime See more.
The Untouchables Club:  While coloring this comic strips, children and adolescents receive suggestions on how to become members of the Club and become an “untouchable one”, much like a super hero. It includes a membership card See more.
Kids Care Route:  This poster is written in a simple and catchy language that teaches boys and girls how to report ESCNNA cases See more.



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